Top iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Tweaks for Cydia!

Following the recent iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak from Pangu and PP, I opted to create a brand new list of some of the best iOS 9.3.3-compatible Cydia tweaks! Furthermore, today’s post also features a constantly updated chart of Cydia tweaks and their compatibility status with iOS 9.3.x (refers regularly for updates) – it’s absolutely paramount that you first consult said list before installing tweaks, as incompatible ones could jeopardize your jailbreak.

Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 First!

First, before you can utilize any of the awesome tweaks listed below, you’ll need to jailbreak; follow the above guide and visit our written tutorial for download links to install the PP / Pangu jailbreak app on your iDevice.

Top 25 Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9.3.3

The following is a list (included with timestamps of their mention in the main video highlighting them above) contains a combination of free and paid tweaks. All paid tweaks, totaling in just four, are mentioned at the end of the video. Furthermore, Saurik has currently disabled purchasing in Cydia for new tweaks; grab them once he enables it shortly.

Without further ado, the following is a list of the best Cydia tweaks for the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak!

2:05 – 1. Initialized
2:25 – 2. NoSlowAnimations
2:47 – 3. Cylinder
3:06 – 4. Breadcumb10
3:46 – 5. DeleteForever
4:16 – 6. NoAppStoreRedirect
4:38 – 7. GrabberTime
5:09 – 8. 20 Second Lockscreen
5:22 – 9. DoubleCut
6:19 – 10. PowerDown
7:05 – 11. AutoPause
7:32 – 12. LockGlyph
7:52 – 13. UntetheredHeySiri
8:12 – 14. PM, really?
8:51 – 15. TapTapFlip
8:59 – 16. iCleaner
10:07 – 17. Zeppelin
11:03 – 18. Alkaline
11:36 – 19. BatteryLife
12:17 – 20. NoMotion
12:57 – 21. NoLiveClock
13:34 – 22. iFile
14:14 – 23. VirtualHome 8 n 9
14:54 – 24. Anchor
15:41 – 25. MultiIconMover+

As always, if you need additional information, I strongly recommend any of the above two videos. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more! Join our Jailbreak and Hacks news feed, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and add us on YouTube to be instantly notified when we publish new articles.


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All Compatible Pangu / PP Tweaks

  • aryav bharali

    It really sucks. Forcy or Reveal Menu haven’t updated. Does anyone know if they are?

  • Peter Johansson

    So tsprotector was in the no list but it only said something about the Ingress game. Will it still work with pokemon go?

  • Tyler Magorian

    linktunes???? anyone try it? want a way to get music off youtube or linktunes……

  • james

    yall know half these apps you cant get yey on cydia

  • fattyz

    flip control center ccsettings neither work or they work about halfway

  • wrlee

    Anyone know where StatusTime+ will be updated? That is one of my favorites (though it didn’t work on an iPad properly—it didn’t update the time)

    Waiting for CCSettings.

  • Ezziddin

    RevealMenu has been updated. However, safari has been working unproperly since then. BE AWARE!!.

  • Edward

    Is there a way to view this on an ipad? I can only see part of the spreadsheet (nothing in the column that explains problems/glitches/conflicts).

  • Ali

    I keep getting a “Hey Pirate” message with the image of a dog overtime I use my app switcher. I’m not sure why I’m receiving this and I have searched and searched through all my installed tweaks and none of them are cracked so I have no clue why I get this message. Also. it blocks me from using the apps which the message is displayed on (sometimes it takes up multiple screens).