Real iPhone 7 Leaked – New Antenna Design & Laser Auto Focus?

Today a Weibo forum poster listed images of what’s allegedly the next-generation iPhone for release in 2016, not the recently discussed 2017 iPhone, presumably dubbed the iPhone 7. What’s interesting is that the primary leaked image in question highlights a protruding camera lens, something Apple was rumored to axe in the iPhone 7. Additionally, you’ll also notice reduced antenna bands (watch the above video for details) and a secondary cutout between the camera and flash modules, which one forum poster suggests could be indicative of some form of laser auto focus!

iPhone 7 Leaked Closeup
iPhone 7 Leaked

legit because it was taken with a potato ? ?

  • dave markey

    As far as a “laser”… I’d have thought that long ago now a laser POINTER would have been an added feature. Not to just an iPhone, but to other brands and models too. Seams as though it would be a simple enough option to itroduce on a phone these days. A rather useful function frankly! A fun thing to use to play with one’s pets also. My dogs and my 2 pet squirrels all love those things. Maybe someday…