Mac OS X 10.12 – Siri & Touch ID for Mac

Recently, new word has circulated the Apple blogosphere as to what will undoubtably be two of the main features of Apple’s forthcoming next major installment to OS X (10.12): Siri and Touch ID!

With OS X 10.12 being unveiled next month at Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC 2016) attention is focused on not only iOS 10 but also OS 10.12!

Siri on Mac OS X

Siri Dock Mac OS X 10.12

Since Siri’s introduction alongside the iPhone 4S, an insurmountable amount of rumors suggesting the personal assistant would make the transition into the desktop and laptop space in OS X have flooded blogs over the years…however they were all eventually proven wrong, until now.

According to MacRumors‘ credible sources within Apple, the company will have the personal assistant activate via both the dock and the top menu bar (between Spotlight and Notification Center toggles). Check out the screenshots above and below.

Siri Menu Bar Mac 10.12

Touch ID for Mac OS X

Mac OS X 10.12 and Touch ID

We’ve long hoped that Apple’s biometric fingerprint scanning technology, commonly referred to as Touch ID, would transition to the Mac for ease of unlocking our computers. New reports seem to indicate that instead of implementing a dedicated Mac fingerprint sensor (that would require either upgrading to a new Mac or buying another accessory), Apple will opt for a more streamlined integration method using the iPhone’s existing Touch ID mechanism – see the above video for a detailed explanation.

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  • iPhonze4All

    I am using the iPhone 6s Plus on iOS 9.3.2, but I also have the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as my secondary phone (my video camera), so I am curious if you need an iPhone to use a Mac, and the reason why I use a Mac is to do everything on Windows, while still using some Mac exclusive apps like build iOS apps, and Android apps, instead of just Android. So, how can I unlock using a Samsung phone, I meant Touch ID?