Forget iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 will be Epic!

Forget about the 2016 iPhone 7, the next iPhone in 2017 (the iPhone 8) will be the one you’ll actually want! According to Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, he’s heard “scuttlebutt” that the 2017 iPhone 8 will sport an edge-to-edge (maybe OLED) display the completely removes the top and bottom bezels and inlays the FaceTime camera, Touch ID and other components into the display itself!

iPhone 8 Concepts!
iPhone 8
iPhone 7 in display

  • Don’t forget to comment. iPhone 7 or iPhone 8?! ?

  • cyberfunk77

    Wow the iphone 8 concepts are beautiful! I love the full screen display:-)

    • It looks pretty good, right? Wish they’d do something like that for the iPhone 7 🙁

  • kashif Mohammad

    hey ICU.nice website.good interface.exited for new stuff.great work man.!!!!

  • Thompson Vo

    I have a strange feeling maybe ios 9.3.2 come tomorrow or maybe another beta lol.

  • Ivan Cruz

    When do you think the second apple watch is going to come out? I feel like they could bring it up in the next keynote they have. Also I think if the iPhone 8 is like this, I think it would be pretty cool especially if they have a plus version.