iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak Update: iOS 9.3.3 No Longer Signed

Today, in a rather surprise move, Apple issued iOS 9.3.5 to the general public! Interestingly, today’s brand new release merely patches additional security vulnerabilities (beyond the Pangu kernel exploit for the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak). 

Jailbreaking Just Got Harder

iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak
Furthermore, as expected, Apple stopped signing iOS 9.3.3 yesterday effectively marking the end of our ability to jailbreak the latest public firmware (currently iOS 9.3.4). While this move was certainly expected, it still comes as a blow to the jailbreak community, making it more difficult for jailbreakers the globe over.

Today’s video, embedded above, delves into what this means for jailbreaking and whether you should upgrade to iOS 9.3.5. As for those of you stuck on iOS 9.3.4, stay tuned for future updates pertaining to the latest “OverSky” jailbreak demo on iOS 9.3.4 and what will likely be the next firmware targeted for a public release: iOS 10!

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  • fattyz

    it’d b interesting to see what kind of drop off they experience in upgrading to new firmware especially now when people had to wait so long for the last one. (jailbreak) Nothing short of dropping my phone in the toilet would even make me consider wanting to upgrade to new firmware lol.

  • tk

    Hey, how’s it going. I have jail broken 9.3.3 with no problem, now I’m trying to jailbrake my iPhone 6S on 9.2.1 I have tried to do it on a PC and a Mac but the applications installed when I run the application runs, phone will reboot, come to the homepage but they will be no Cydia. Am I doing something wrong or 9.2.1 can’t be jailbroken please help

  • ‫محمد الغامدي‬‎


  • Watusa Gabor

    Hey, so it’s June 2017 and I’m sooo late to the party but hear me out. I have an iPad 3 wifi only and I have iOS9.3.5 on it. I have been a regular civilian using Apple devices. Now my iPad 3 (yes, it’s almost 5 years old) is just about useless and it really pisses me off. It takes forever to do anything and I guess it is Apple saying I have to upgrade my device. At almost a $ grand I don’t think so. So I am thinking about jailbreaking. Are there any reliable ways to jailbreak the iPad 3 on 9.3.5 or has the jailbreaking community also given up on it?

    PS:My next device will NOT be an Apple one. In contrast to the iPad my PC is almost 8 years old and still running fine. See ya Apple!