iOS 10.2.1 Jailbreak Status! New Features & Changes

Today marks the first public firmware release from Apple. After being in beta testing stages since December 14, 2016, Apple has released iOS 10.2.1 to the general public today. Ensuing the feature-crammed iOS 10.2 update, iOS 10.2.1 merely smooths the edges of 10.2 and corrects new bugs that were introduced by the firmware. However in spite of its lackluster changelog, iOS 10.2.1 is exciting for one reason: jailbreaking!

That’s right, iOS 10.2.1 may be the final target of the Pangu team’s first iOS 10 jailbreak! After several delays (due to major and minor firmware updates from Apple), today’s release marks the perfect time for jailbreakers to strike; the time is nigh!

Update to iOS 10.2.1 (for Jailbreakers)?

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Having said that, should you blindly update to iOS 10.2.1 with the potential prospect of being able to jailbreak? Absolutely not (especially those on iOS 10.1.1 or lower)! As always, stay on as low of a firmware as possible and wait for confirmation before updating (i.e. the release of a tool for iOS 10.2.1).

Jailbreak Updates

jailbreak ios 10.2.1
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  • Sonny Qua

    I have a IPhone 7 on 10.1.1 I can’t jailbreak I can install Yalu but it will not install Cydia