iOS 10.2 Jailbreak STATUS! New Update: Features & Changes

Today, as expected, Apple released iOS 10.2 to the general public ensuing 7 beta seeds. This is clearly one of the most extensively tested iOS updates in recent memory, and it’s also incredibly exciting for two primary reasons. Firstly iOS 10.2 adds a number of welcomed features and vastly improves upon iOS 10’s stability. Secondly iOS 10.2 may very well be the firmware that jailbreak developers (Pangu) target for the first inevitable iOS 10 jailbreak!

iOS 10.2 Features

ios 10.2 emoji
In addition to bringing an exciting new TV app into the fray, iOS 10.2 adds over 100 new emoji, re-stylizes most existing emoji, introduces new Camera settings, improves battery life, corrects a number of bugs, and so much more!

Jailbreaking and iOS 10.2

jailbreak ios 10.2
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Ultimately, the reason we don’t already have an iOS 10 jailbreak is merely because of iOS 10.2’s timing – it went into beta when Pangu was still creating their utility.

Furthermore due to the fact that iOS 10.2 presumably doesn’t remedy any of the vulnerabilities Pangu intends to exploit (see above video for an explanation as to why), the group opted to skip a dedicated iOS 10.1.x release while 10.1.1 was still the latest public firmware; instead likely turning their attention toward iOS 10.2.

Jailbreak Updates

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  • odedo1

    What makes sense to me is that Apple found a new weapon against jailbreaking which is so simple it’s funny how come they never thought about it before, and that weapon is keeping iOS in Beta because as long as their is a Beta version a jailbreak won’t come out.
    Also when I worked for Microsoft they used to buy startups with great ideas and squash them not even using those great ideas, Now Apple are doing the same thing which makes me wonder why would a huge online store like AliBaba buy PP25 who owns Pangu???