iOS 10.1 Jailbreak Update! iOS 10.1 Released for iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Camera

ios 10.1 jailbreak

Ahead of Apple’s October media event this Thursday, the company released iOS 10.1 to the general public. While the firmware is available for all devices, and unifies the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with all other iOS 10-based iDevices (considering 10.0.3 was exclusive to said iPhones), the iPhone 7 Plus benefits the most from today’s release. Does it impact jailbreaking though? Continue reading beyond the break for full information on the brand new iOS 10.1 update.

iOS 10.1 Features

iOS 10.1, being the first major iOS 10 update since the firmware’s initial release last month in the form of iOS 10.0.1, brings a rather substantial feature to the table that’s exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus: Portrait Camera. The brand new camera mode essentially adds a fantastic shallow depth-of-field effect to images taken inside the new mode (a complete explanation can be found in the above video).

However, beyond just adding Portrait Camera, iOS 10.1 also includes “transit directs for Japan, stability improvements and bug fixes”.

iOS 10.1 and Jailbreaking

When pondering jailbreaking and iOS 10.1, this could easily be the firmware that Pangu ends up targeting for the release of the first iOS 10 jailbreak. As I’ve said a number of times, iOS 10.1 makes sense (not only because it unifies all devices and gets them on the same firmware), but also due to its stability improvements and the massive Portrait Camera feature for iPhone 7 Plus owners.

Pangu, like all jailbreak developers that proceeded the group, is a huge fan of waiting until their jailbreak tools will be the most beneficial and wide-spread before releasing them. The time is nigh and unless unforeseen complications arise within the next week or so, we will likely receive a new jailbreak shortly.

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