iOS 10 Jailbreak Update! 10.0.1 Released and Pangu’s Plans

Today, as announced during last week’s iPhone 7 media event, Apple released iOS 10 to the general public in the form of 10.0.1! But how does the latest release affect jailbreaking – is it a major setback for Pangu or can we expect the first iOS 10 jailbreak soon? Let’s find out!

iOS 10’s Features

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Before we delve into iOS 10, and approach it from a jailbreak perspective, let’s first review some background information including new changes. iOS 10 is the tenth major iOS release and sports hot new features like iMessage bubble effects, Digital Touch for iDevices, an App Store for Messages, automatic emoji selection, new Siri and Maps APIs for developers, a smarthome app dubbed “Home”, new 3D Touch actions, improved notifications, redesigned Music and News apps, better contextual predictions, a brand new machine learning algorithm for Photos and more!

Will Jailbreaking iOS 10 Be Harder?

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Overall iOS 10 is pretty impressive. Therefore it must be eons before a new jailbreak utility is released that’s capable of achieving root access on such an advanced firmware, right? Not exactly! Thankfully, iOS 10 doesn’t feature the equivalent security improvements as last year’s “Rootless” security measures implemented by Apple.

Furthermore iOS 10’s kernel is unencrypted, which means security researchers may be able to more easily discover exploitable vulnerabilities within iOS 10’s kernel that could lead to new jailbreaks.

Finally Pangu already demonstrated an iOS 10 jailbreak at MOSEC 2016, and although it was only the first beta installment of the firmware and the same exploits surely haven’t carried over to the public release of 10.0.1, it proves that it’s certainly doable and reaffirms Pangu’s intent on being the gods of the jailbreak realm.

Putting all of this together, and looking back at the last major firmware jailbreak (the iOS 9 – 9.0.2 tool), considering Pangu was able to release a very stable jailbreak tool for iOS 9 in spite of its Rootless security (remember iOS 10 has no such equivalent) less than a month after the firmware’s initial release, we can likely expect an iOS 10 jailbreak by the end of October.

Jailbreak 10.0.1 Updates

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iOS 10 Default Wallpaper

For those of you who just want the iOS 10 wallpaper, but not the hassle associated with upgrading, you can find a copy embedded below.