iOS 10 Jailbreak Achieved? iH8sn0w Demo Explained!

iOS 10 Jailbreak Demo

Yesterday, following Monday’s unveiling of iOS 10, hacker iH8sn0w has already achieved a jailbreak on the pre-release beta firmware!

Before you get your hopes up, this actually isn’t anything new and it won’t be released. iH8sn0w has maintained a private iBoot-based jailbreak for some time (we’ve seen it demonstrated in the past – check the below videos).

iH8sn0w’s iBoot Jailbreak: Past Demos

Due to the low-level nature of iH8sn0w’s iBoot exploit, it will persist through firmware updates on 32-bit devices (since the exploit only exists on older devices because the archive containing boot files has only been decrypted for said non 64-bit iDevices).

Why This Matters

To summarize: he won’t release a jailbreak, but it shows an iOS 10 jailbreak is possible and, almost more importantly, that Cydia works out of the box without requiring a major update from Saurik.
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iOS 10 Default Wallpaper

For those of you who want the iOS 10 wallpaper after downgrading, you can find a copy embedded below.