How To Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 Semi Untethered via Pangu & Cydia Impactor

Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 and lower! That’s right, in a surprise release (as they tend to do), Pangu released a brand new iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak utility! Also, thanks to a series of updates, the Pangu jailbreak 9.3.x utility is now available on Windows and Mac OS X in English! 

The iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak has made substantial leaps and bounds since its initial release last weekend. In addition to now being deployable via a VERY simple tool (Cydia Impactor), it’s now in English AND available for both major computer operating systems: Windows and Mac OS X.

iOS 9.3.4 Released & Patches The Jailbreak!

As a very important prelude, iOS 9.3.4 closes this jailbreak – avoid it at all costs! Unfortunately, this jailbreak will not function on iOS 9.3.4.

Jailbreak Without A Computer!

If you don’t own a computer or you simply want an easier jailbreak process, just visit JailbreakMe9 (a site I compiled) and install the PP app directly onto your device without a computer. Just note that you must watch the above video to ensure the success of your PC-free jailbreak on iOS 9.3.3!

Also, be forwarded that you will install the Chinese version of the jailbreak app, which is constantly connecting to remote servers in an attempt to download updated certificates (see the above video for an explanation).

How To Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 [Latest Method]

Step 1. Confirm that you’ve downloaded all of the necessary components (Cydia Impactor and the latest Pangu jailbreak IPA) from the below download section and that you’re running the latest version of iTunes.

Step 2. Either unzip Cydia Impactor on Windows or copy the app to your Applications folder on Mac OS X and run the tool.

Note: Mac users may have to allow running applications from sources outside of the App Store in System Preferences > Security & Privacy before opening.

Step 3. Drag the Pangu NvwaStone_1.0.ipad into the Cydia impactor interface and click the “Start” button.

Step 4. Input your Apple ID and passcode when prompted (this is just to sign the app and get it onto your device – don’t worry, Saurik has confirmed that the info is passed straight to Apple and not through a third-party server).

Step 5. If you receive an “Apple Developer Warning”, simply click “OK”. This alert pops up if you have previous developer certificates associated with your Apple ID; Impactor needs to revoke them to sign the app properly.

Step 6. Trust the development profile inside of Settings > General > Device Management.

Step 7. Launch the PP app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, enable push notifications, and tap the start button in the middle of the app to proceed with the jailbreak. After roughly 5 seconds, lock your device and wait for it to respring.

Important Note: While you can press the home button to view the push notification status of the jailbreak (if it mentions Cydia, you’re golden), do not unlock and/or close the app.

Next you’ll need to learn how to reboot following the success of your semi untethered jailbreak on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch!

How To Reboot After Jailbreak

Once jailbroken, you may notice that upon a reboot, Cydia (and anything obtained through Cydia) crashes. That’s because this is a “semi untethered” jailbreak so to speak – i.e. while you don’t need a computer to reboot it, you’ll have to re-apply the kernel patch to use any jailbreak-related items. It’s very simple to accomplish this, just follow the below steps.

Step 1. After a reboot, open the PP app.

Step 2. Wait 20 seconds in the app before doing anything (this is very important), and then tap the circle in the middle to begin the kernel patch process.

Step 3. Roughly 5 seconds after tapping the circle, lock your device. If the screen remains black and unresponsive and/or you get a notification from PP, you did it right (don’t worry, if it’s not both, either should work)!

Note:  If your device just reboots, it didn’t initialize the jailbreak properly. In that case, please repeat the three steps listed above.

Congratulations, after having followed a few simple steps, you’ve successfully Jailbroken your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on iOS 9.3.3, the latest public firmware!

As always, if you need additional information, I strongly recommend any of the tutorials featured on this page. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more! Join our Jailbreak and Hacks news feed, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and add us on YouTube to be instantly notified when we publish new articles.


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Update Log

08-04-16: Pangu 1.1 (the English version) is now available to add the “1 year” certificate. Also, iOS 9.3.4 is out, which patches this jailbreak; avoid it!

08-02-16: Added the latest on-device jailbreak method.

07-29-16: Pangu has released a version of their jailbreak independent of the PP Helper tool, it’s now easier to install, available in English and works on both Windows and Mac!

07-27-16: Pangu and PP updated their app to version 1.1 to fix issues, and officially support, the iPod touch 6g and iPad Pro.

07-25-16: It’s now possible to jailbreak free of a computer! See the above video tutorial and/or visit straight from your device.

Developing… Check Back For Updates

Legacy Section

In light of multiple updates, the jailbreak process has changed rather substantially. However, in the spirit of knowledge preservation, we’ve opted to put the former steps in this legacy section for those who are curious.

Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 Steps [LEGACY – PC]

Step 1. Confirm that you’ve downloaded all of the necessary components from the below download section and that you’re running the latest version of iTunes.

jailbreak ios 9.3.3 untethered

Step 2. As a precaution, it’s best to disable both Passcode lock and Find my iPhone. Next, connect your device via a standard USB cable, launch iTunes on your PC and ensure that the tool recognizes your device successfully (you may be prompted to trust the connection).

Step 3. Install the PP/Pangu jailbreak utility on your computer using the .exe obtained in the first step.

pp Jailbreak toolStep 4. Launch the PP Helper application on your computer and click the green button inside the pop-up to continue (if you close out of the pop-up, click the button that looks like a peeled back “P” to reveal the Pangu icon).

Step 5. After PP Helper has built the app, authenticate with your Apple ID credentials to allow the app to be side loaded onto your service and click the green continue button.

Step 6. Click the prompt to continue inside of PP (see above tutorial for help) and trust the development profile inside of Settings > General > Device Management – note: you should be automatically redirected to it on your device.

Step 7. Launch the PP app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, enable push notifications, and tap the circle in the middle of the app to proceed with the jailbreak. After roughly 5 seconds, lock your device and wait for your iDevice to reboot.

That’s it for Legacy Jailbreaking on iOS 9.3.3; thanks for reading to the bottom.

  • valter

    i can’t jailbreak on iphne 5c ? and what happened if i do

    • Unfortunately, no, because it’s 32-bit. Pangu didn’t develop the jailbreak for non-64-bit CPUs.

    • Maximoff

      You cant get pass the app when identifying the devices model and firmware

      • Maximoff

        If you do maybe u’ll brick it with chance

  • Maximoff

    I am very scared to do this jailbreak bec it is not really untethered in some ways or completely. Does jailbreaking again after a reboot needs an internet connection or u can do it offline?

    • You can do everything after you reboot, just nothing to do with the jailbreak.

      • Maximoff

        This is like a tethered jailbreak right? but the difference is u dont need a pc to make ur iphone untetetheres again bec the app is inside ur own iphone now. That is why im afraid i always go out and my iphone always drains thats why i asked if i need a good internet connection after i reboot and do the jailbreak again.

  • Chris

    So this doesn’t work with iPhone 5 right?

    • Jeff

      Only 64 bit devices at this time

  • cres

    this doesn’t work with ipod 5G right?

  • andres

    Can we get an alternative download link, every time i go through it all it gives me a dead link.

  • gijs_netherlands

    my pphelper looks totally different then yours, and when i press on the kind of pangu logo it brings me to a weird tab with a lot of logos on it?

  • n0xBRa1n$

    how do i get windows on my Mac?

    • Astro

      run a program called homebrew , it alows u to run .exe programs on a mac

    • Txmj122

      Virtual Box or Boot Camp. youd need windows install files. Windows 10 doesnt need a key to install. have a while before you need to enter a product key. you can jailbreak and uninstall windows for free

  • Astro

    worked for me , Iphone SE

  • retrocommander

    Will there ever be support for 32-bit devices…?

  • seah

    Whenever i try to enter my apple id i get a weird error, help?

    • Make sure you have internet connection and Apple ID you put in matches that in settings.

      • seah

        I have internet and it matches, but it just look like it dont even load, just when i click i get the error, idk


        • retrocommander

          Always a great precaution while jailbreaking devices, is to turn off FindMyiPhone in the iDevice Settings, as it may cause problems.

          • seah

            thanks for the advice but i did it hehe, idk what to do anymore

          • Dunkin Flair

            how did you get it to work ?? still having issues

          • Michael Parsons

            im having issues with it

  • frankieb

    can i jailbreak my ipad 3gen?

  • GeminiX

    After following all the steps and locking, it seems to show a different message and prompts me with a storage almost full notification. After restarting, Cydia loads for a few seconds then kicks me out. Any ideas or help? (3.5 GB available btw)

    • retrocommander

      Upgrade to 9.3.3 or w/e your iOS version is on your device, and rejailbreak it.

  • Portis Julian

    after i enter my apple id and return to the green loading icon on the pp app on my pc …its just been loading for a really long time now. about 45 min … do u think this is normal ??

    • nICK

      lol dude the checkbox says something like “do not remind me again” HAHHAHAHA

  • Jeff

    Please help, after completing the jailbreak and turned off my device & to make sure I could get cydia to work, my profile created under general settings is showing “Beijing Hong Yuan Online Technologies”. That doesn’t seem right and I’m very concerned! Again please help

  • James Ford

    please help asap. i can download the pp thing but when i enter my apple id and password it wont go through. idk what it says because its not in english but i know im entering my stuff correctly and it still wont accept it. please help me!!!

    • Michael Parsons

      im getting the exact same thing

  • Ryan

    My cydia app wont even start up and I tried resting it and then using the pp app but the cydia app still crashes. What do I do?

  • B Eric Dyer

    Whenever I lauch cydia, it will open and then instantly close.

    • 7komazuki

      Samehere 🙁 even though the PPHelper works fine and great

  • Darius Trey Brown

    tanner marsh im experiencing the same issue as james ford

  • BleepBloop

    Will I be able to still make phone calls, text and play games without wifi if I jailbreak? meaning can I still get cellular data (lte/3g) if I jailbreak. I am on a 5s on 9.3.3 with Sprint

    • BleepBloop


    • It sounds like you don’t know anything about jailbreaking. I would do research into it before jailbreaking your expensive phone before you turn it into a fancy shiny brick.

      The short answer to your question: yes.
      The longer answer to your question: yes, that is if you don’t mess around with your phone and break it.

  • Andrew Knight

    Mines working like a dream. Windows 10 pro

    • Cambob3000

      how long did it take for it to download the app from your computer?

      • Andrew Knight

        about 3 minutes or so

    • Joey Paul Lumagbas

      I finished everything, but when I open the cydia app it sends me a data error message

    • Nafis Al Sadnan

      mine is not installing in windows 10 pro

  • Jacob Baker

    I have a 5c, and I know that this jailbreak doesn’t work with 32 bit devices, so does anyone know if there will be a version released that is compatible with 32 bit?

  • Matt Plexico

    My Cydia app crashes automatically whenever I open it. Everything else seems to work. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

  • Joey Paul Lumagbas

    When I open cydia it has shows a data base error… Could not open file /var/lib/dpkg/status – open (2:no such file or directory)

    The package lists or status could not be parsed or opened.

    • Daniel Gimpelman

      same here 🙁

  • Dunkin Flair

    need help!! keep getting an error when logging in to my app id even though im putting everything right

    • Michael Parsons

      Alright what you do is turn off two step verification
      you go on a desktop or laptop, log onto your apple ID and do it from there

  • Brandon Li

    is it absolutely necessary to restore back to 9.3.2 and then restore from your back up to 9.3.3 or has anyone successfully jailbroken their device without those steps?

  • Nafis Al Sadnan

    iPod touch 6 jailbreak not working
    when i sleep the device it automatically restarts and nothing happens

  • GetMeOutOfHere

    cant download the jailbreak installer on that website

  • Mohammed Khan

    When I double click on the pphelper setup, nothing happens? Can someone help me out? I’ve tried to open as administrator but nothing works.

    • Nafis Al Sadnan

      having the same problem bro

  • Darius Trey Brown

    i have the pphelper on my phone now but when i open it and press the button in the center to jailbreak nothing happens and then it just crashes

    • Mohammed Khan

      You need to press it and then press the power button immediately afterwards.

      • Darius Trey Brown


        • Darius Trey Brown

          Still didn’t work rebooted and still the same

  • Davit

    I hope there will be a jailbreak for 32 bit ios 9.3.3 I have an Iphone 4s atm :/
    I am getting an Iphone 6 when summer ends tho but I still want to jb asap because Apple may patch it and I maybe won’t be able to downgrade from ios 10 on my new iphone 6 to ios 9.3.3 :/

  • Elgin Ong

    I cant go pass the point where they ask for the itunes acc. It just keeps saying that my password is wrong event though i know its correct. Did anyone else encounter this?

  • Sheila c:

    i dont receive any push notifications regarding cydia….

    • Sheila c:

      hmmm waited for like 10minutes. tried unlocking and it works. thank you

    • Sheila c:

      cydia installed but sources do not have packages, help anyone?

  • rowdy fab

    hey! please help, i’m stuck at Apple ID section, i filled my Apple id and password correctly but it doesn’t proceed further! Please Help ME!!!

    • Elgin Ong

      I had the same problem, but i used a new apple ID. maybe you can try creating a new account and use that instead?

      • rowdy fab

        will new Apple ID work. i need to create new Gmail and Apple ID then!

        • Elgin Ong

          Yup it seems to work for me, let me know if it works! im still at the installation phase…. so far its been 25 mins

          • rowdy fab

            What installation ? cydia tweak?

          • Elgin Ong

            the part after keying in your itunes acc

  • Elgin Ong

    Hi, the app installation is taking very long, i’ve been waiting for around 20 mins, does it usually take this long? the one in the video seems alot faster.

    • rowdy fab

      may be in video some section is skipped!!!

      • Elgin Ong

        some of the other users seem to installed it in a few mins

  • Shemi

    MxTube doesn’t open, any solution?

  • xkoeckiiej Youri

    After the pp/pangu app and pressing within the circle and lock the phone. The notification came up but said nothing about cydia (like in the video). So i unlocked the iphone and tapped the circle again. It said my phone was almost full and gave me the cydia notification. and this time it worked

  • randy

    I have repeatedly tried to reboot the jailbreak process but I keep getting failure. I did like you said and opened the PP app I also waited before tapping and locking but as soon as I simply tap on the lock button the phone just completely shuts off. I then hold the power button to turn it back on. When it turns on I try to open Cydia but it is like nothing happened because Cydia keeps crashing and I am right back where I started. Can you help me in any way please? I had it completely working yesterday but currently it is crashing. Please get back to me soon?

  • Alex Anderson

    Everytime I click the circle after waiting it just reboots my phone then nothing happens. Nothing is working.

    • Alex Anderson

      When I was dowloading the app. I was never asked to enter my apple id

      • mastertony10

        same problem mine is 9.2.1 idk whats happening

  • Dijon Aguilera

    Question? I followed your steps and it installed. I get the smiley face but it does not list my id in the device management. It has some other ID. Do I trust it even though mine does not show up?

  • Ian

    Is there a way to go back?

  • Reese

    Hi, I jail broke my IPhone 6 on IOS 9.3.3 and when I finished installing a tweak my device was having problems. I went into Cydia and uninstalled it. As soon as I did that the PP app as well as Cydia just dissapeared from my device. I have wiped my device plenty of times and tried to rejailbreak but it will not install Cydia, one of the PP apps as well as the icleaner tweak stay on my device no matter what even if I wipe it. Please help me In rejailbreakimg so I get Cydia back, Thanks!

    • Kev W. Riley-Mundle

      how do you delete cydia app?

      • Reese

        It randomly deleted because I went to uninstall a tweak and I guess it messed up. I can try to re-jailbreak but after I press the circle on the PP app and lock my device it never reboots. If I could figure out a way to get rid of the jailbreak that’s stuck on my device I should be able to reinstall the jailbreak

  • Alex Anderson

    The package com.teiron.pphelper needs to be reinstalled. But I can’t find an archive for it. Is the error I keep getting now with cydia

  • Eddie Gilbert

    It won’t let me trust the app, it says I’m not connected to wifi, but I am please help

  • Bobby Thom

    No iphone 5 support come on!!!! Please add support for the iphone 5!

  • Omar Wright

    Can someone help me on getting windows7 on my 2015 macbook. Thank you

    • Jrry K
      • Omar Wright

        Ok so I got the jailbreak but none of the jailbreak apps open, they crash immediately. Also I noticed that the device management tab in settings dissappeared where I had to trust the profile. Does anyone know how to fix this?!!

  • Kev W. Riley-Mundle

    how do i delete the pp app on my iphone

  • Bran Kern

    Anyone still have the PP app continuing to load (after clicking the circle and locking the device) for more than 20 minutes?

  • Brokengamer X

    When i was playing a bit with this jailbreak, i started getting messages when i install tweak “sub-process /usr/libexec/cydia/cydo (1) ” Help??

  • Jamil Brummel

    Hi. It’s asking me to complete a capture instead of my Apple ID. I did
    the fist time and it loaded a developer’s id instead of mine. Anybody
    know why I’m getting this?

  • Rehpotsirk Rebref

    can i jailbreak my iPhone 5S iOS 9.2

  • Jke

    So i did everything the tutorial said and i achieved cydia on my iPhone 5s but cydia keeps crashing and i am not able to load cydia at all! Any suggestions?

  • Rehpotsirk Rebref

    i’ve been trying to jailbreak my 5s for about 10 times but no luck. i followed the steps and video tutorial. and upgrade my ios 9.2 to the latest firmware.

    • Prince Abid (SYED)

      i have the same error, ive been trying like 23 times

      • Fahrettin Kabewe

        did you found how to fix it ???

        • Prince Abid (SYED)

          ya, i updated my itunes and used a brand new DATA CABLE from apple, most probably the cable was the problem… try updating itunes and using a different cable… worked for me…

      • Ricky Omar


    • Frank H. Guzman

      I had to restart my computer with device plugged in to make the TRUST this computer to pop up. Worked after I did that hope it helps.

    • Ricky Omar


      • Goldar…

        so where do we download it from?

        • Saifii18

          Hi, Just use the cydia impactor method. much easier and much more effective.

  • Patrick Sutliff

    It never asked me for my Apple ID credentials

  • Jose Sagastume

    Need help with this
    Please help

  • Charls

    iPhone 6s ios 9.3.3 getting crying PC error, any suggestions?

    • Frank H. Guzman

      I had to restart my computer with device plugged in to make the TRUST this computer window popped up. Worked after that hope it helps.

  • LynX

    I exactly followed all the steps mentioned in this article. I successfully did a Jailbreak for my iPad Pro 9.7 but my iPhone 6 which was on 9.0.2 Jailbreak after upgrading to 9.3.3 cannot be Jailbroken using the PP method. It gets stuck on the exact same screen for hours without anything happening but my iPhone is fully operations at any time during this process. I tried multiple times with different PCs but all gets stuck at the same step. Any suggestions? Help.

  • Frank H. Guzman


  • Anderson Scot

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  • Follow the LATEST update (just refresh)!

  • Sharoon Zoop

    when i tried using the impactor tool this pop up came and everything stopped can anyone help me please…

  • Merill

    i am not prompted for an apple id however, i am prompted for what appears to type in what is appearing under the box(like to prove your not a computer) anyone else have this issue?

  • Ocie Nathaniel

    why does it say this when i enter my apple id info in impactor

  • Josh

    after i opened the pangu app and started the jailbreak process and locked my device i didn’t get any notifications, it just restarted and i opened it up to no cydia.. what do i do?

    • Chris Hong Curran

      try and keep your finger on the power button as soon as you press strt press the power button so try and press both buttons nerly at the same time worked for me

    • Chris Hong Curran

      try and keep your finger on the power button as soon as you press strt press the power button so try and press both buttons nerly at the same time worked for me d

  • megeen

    where’s the downloads for the legacy one .

  • megeen

    helppp, it won’t work & i tried restarting my computer & it did say trust the computer & i did but it still don’t work & i have a ipad mini 2 .

  • ‫יונתן אסמו‬‎

    Will be a jailbreak that I don’t need to reinstall every week or year

  • Golbert Drummond

    Mine keeps saying my apple ID couldn’t be found? Have I done something wrong?

  • Sanjay Pun

    Hi, I just used the impactor to jailbreak on Mac – Iphone 6s from London and it’s successful however at the bottom of Cydia where it’s suppose to recognise as Iphone6s, it says iphone8? Can someone help mw with this please? picture attached too.

    Thanks in advance

  • Chris Hong Curran

    1 hour in and still not finished the jailbreak still waiting forfor cydia to instal and respring

  • John Harry

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  • Kcamp

    I followed the steps exactly as described. my cydia crashed right away. any suggestions?

  • BEN

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  • RJBrian

    So, I’ve been trying to following steps above, with computer.

    The thing is, I got error by cydia compactor
    Error code: cpp:42
    To sum up the error code means, the device you are currently use for jailbreaking isn’t supported, yet (yes that what they say)
    So is it possible for 4th iPhone generations to get jailbreak-ed?
    Btw, mine is iPhone 5, and this jailbreak currently support iPhone 5s or above

  • Mohammed Khan

    When I try to jailbreak, I get the error “provision.cpp:68 Service not available because of maintenance activities, please try again after some time.” from the Cydia Impactor. Is there any fix or should I just wait a bit?

  • Redd

    I need help: the other night I accidentally deleted the pangu app and when I got it back I decided “I’ll just unjailbreak my phone” when I went to look up impactor, nothing came up. My phone screen just shattered and I’m sure my dad is going to take it in the store to replace it. I heard it’s bad if the people at the stores find out it’s jailbroken. So I need to find out how to delete cydia another way.

    btw I can’t call or text on my phone I don’t know if that would make a difference

    • Con Hobbit

      u should be able to do a restore in i tunes with a broken screen if phone verified in iTunes already

  • Dwayne Paul

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  • Katja løvbo

    Can i jailbreak my iPad 4 ?

  • W2totor

    A lot of blah blah, but never been indicated that the jb is only for 64bits devices, ans this is a very important information: because of that, upgraded my iPad 3 to 9.3.3 and stuck now with no jailbreak. Your wsite is cool, your videos are cool, but good information would be better.

    • Con Hobbit

      he says muliotble times for 5s and above and that itys only for 64 bit dervices in every video listin a bit harder

  • Danai Mahachi

    I can’t download anything or search anything on Cydia. I jail broke my phone when I first heard the news then I took off the jailbrea tool since it messed up my phone and restored ma phone. Now I jail broke again and this comes up everyone I open up Cydia , I can’t download any tweaks but I still have the ones I downloaded before restoring my phone. What shall I do to fix Cydia

  • Francis Alejo

    I was currently trying to switch to the one year pangu jailbreak but i can’t search anything and after restoring my phone cydia is still installed anyway to delete the jailbreak?

  • Dylan Pantin

    Hey i rebooted my device and followed the steps to repatch the kernel exactly as directed to…. Cydia works fine and says i have my tweaks installed however none of them work nor show up in settings please help!!! 🙁

  • Mitchell Chirkoff

    I just tried to switch from the version to the new 1 year certificate version, but it said I needed an internet connection to verify developer account, even though i have internet. Now it wont even let me verify certificate. Any ideas?

  • lucho

    Hello guys I just got this error i dont now what to do I have an iphone 6s with ios 9.3.3, latest version of impactor as well as .ipa file (by the way I have windows 7) Plz help

  • Angel Rivas

    Can someone explain to me what getting your development certificate revoked means? and exactly what i have to do now?

  • Angel Rivas

    can anybody help me out with this error?

  • Yoxi

    where do I download the IPA?

  • Fahrettin Kabewe

    hey i have iphone 6s 16 gb ios 9.3.3 jailbroken i did the jailbreak to my phone and i installed some tweaks but after one day when i looked to my friends phone i relised that the brightness on my phone its not high like his phone i tried to delete some tweaks but no thing changed if any body now how to fix it please help and thanks

  • ben

    I have jailbroken with the pp one but i want to change to the English version, I go through all the steps and the once it’s nearly done it just stops on installing and nothing happens. I have waited for ages and it doesn’t work. When ICU does it, it went really fast. Mines not. Please help

  • Deez nuts

    how do i stop my facebook and
    my mail app from crashing

  • anibal Delgado

    I have erased the old (chinease version) pangu app from my phone, but it keeps coming, How can I permanently delete it and just use the impactor way

  • Vbas192

    Everytime I start the app I get this messages. (See screenshot below)
    Does anyone have a solution?

    • Vbas192


  • jonas nedergaard

    i keep getting this error
    cannot unzip NvwaStone_1.0.ipa