Bluetooth 5 iPhone 4x faster

Will Your iPhone Get 4x Faster With Bluetooth 5?

The next-generation of Bluetooth technology, officially dubbed Bluetooth 5, will be officially announced next week. So what, big deal right? Exactly, it’s a huge deal! The new standard will quadruple the transfer speed and double the range of the existing low-energy wireless protocol!

The executive director of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, The Bluetooth SIG for short, (Mark Powell) confirmed in an email to the UK health monitoring company Blue Maestro that the new standard will be officially announced June 16, 2016 in London.

iPhones and Internet of Things

Internet of ThingsBluetooth 5 will certainly improve the speed at which wireless accessories interface with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in the future once Apple implements the technology (remember, it would require a hardware refresh to be implemented).

This will become even more prevalent as the internet of things continues to mature and Bluetooth low-energy devices continue to be adopted in the conversion and adaptation of smart homes.

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