Is an iOS 9.3.2 and iOS 9.3.1 Jailbreak Ever Coming?

With iOS 9.3.2 in the works, things are heating up in the realm of jailbreaking – will we get a new iOS 9.3.1 and iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak utility once the firmware drops?

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0:08 – iOS 9.3.2 & New Jailbreak Coming?
0:35 – Possible iOS 9.3.2 Release Date
1:22 – iOS 9.3.2 is Important to Jailbreaking
2:25 – iOS 9 Development Will End!
2:49 – Why We Don’t Have An iOS 9.3.1 Jailbreak
3:06 – Reminder: The BEST I Can Do
3:38 – This Isn’t The First Jailbreak Wait

iOS 9.3.2 Release

Based on what happened (or didn’t happen) last week with iOS 9.3.2 beta 5, i.e. it wasn’t released, we can likely expect the public version of iOS 9.3.2 to be released this week!

Jailbreak for iOS 9.3.x

The jailbreak is another story; what we know for certain is that jailbreak developers are waiting until at least iOS 9.3.2 to release a new Untethered solution. Remember, we’ll keep you updated!


✅ Stay tuned!

  • Andrew Venditti

    so i have a serious question with all the updates and delays should i update to the most recent firmware as of know being 9.3.1. i am currently on 9.2

    • If you can’t live without the 9.3.x features. Otherwise we recommend waiting to upgrade until a new tool is out.

    • Gus Flores

      never update to the most recent firmware bro. always stay on the oldest one you can. wait until you find actual real news on jailbreak releases before you update.

    • daniel

      u should better wait untill there is confirmed that there will be a stabil jailbreak version…

  • Oberst-Gruppenführer

    How do you know for ceratin that JB devs are waiting for 9.3.2?? can you quote sources??

    • Gus Flores

      he has no sources at all. hes just stating what people want to hear for views and keep you guys subscribed. I can not believe the he runs his channel. you’ll find the same thing he states on just about all of his other videos. he is not a software engineer or a security researcher hes just a youtube view whore.

      • Justme1976

        Does anyone have any real information when it comes to jb news? Is there any other sources out there better than this guy?
        Does anyone else get a message pop up when you click on the vide link in his email that directs you somewhere else and why does it do that?

  • Gus Flores

    you seriously disabled comments on all your videos. you do know that you’re using your subscribers for views to make money. Look how repetitive your information is. Imagine news channels spreading the same events whether they’re true or lies they still spread different information. That is so low man. I don’t understand why people are still subscribed to you. You’re scum. Be an honest youtuber and you’ll get way more views and a great community behind your back.

  • Thompson Vo

    I know this won’t happen but I hope apple still for some reason will keep iPhone 4s for iOS 10 updates.

    • Raincow_Dash

      They already announced dropping it from what I heard

      • daniel

        and for the 5?

  • Raincow_Dash

    So…. you’re promoting your new site by forcing us to comment on here? Gee, such douche-baggary…

    I’m also certain I’d have more ads if I disabled my adblock. Man, WHAT a great site. Not super good, in all honesty. More of a mess like most news and spam sites. Please, for fuck’s sake, fix it.

  • Proteus

    Love how you disabled the like ratio and comments on your channel iCU
    Remember kids, if you receive criticism, call your critics haters and ignore what they have to say!

  • Alejandro Martinez

    Lol your site is shit and you encourage hate by disabling comments, likes, dislikes, and click-bait titles. Pre ios 9 your channel was alright. Back to EAP for me.

  • Ruzziel

    LOL he is just trying to be cleaver maybe his youtube account soon will be blocked

  • Liat Miriam

    Thanks for keeping us updated! We are so lucky have these teams working on a jailbreak for us. Remember, jailbreaking takes patience. As far as “should I upgrade?,” my answer is “do you want to risk your future jailbreak?” One day, Tanner will post saying, “time to jailbreak, y’all!” And that’s when you upgrade and jailbreak. Have faith!

  • Animegirl1993

    9.3.2 is available to download and install. I just checked my iPod

  • Blood_sh

    Thank you so much, that’s the best thing I’ve heard since iOS 9.1 release ?❤️
    God bless you ☹️❤️

  • Ruzz

    Don’t delete my post or just remove comments also on this web just like your YouTube channel

    LOL he is just trying to be cleaver maybe his YouTube account soon will be blocked.

  • daniel

    soo for now. There is a big chance that we`ll get a JB very soon… im soooo excited!!!!

  • senm Visscher

    please turn on your comments:(

  • Baggys SK

    9.3.2 available on iphone 5,2

  • Just a bro

    Bro locking the youtube comments is not cool!!!